Sangili Karuppan – The Mystery God ?



The popularity of Karuppanasamy worship has exploded in recent years with many tamil movies like Kannaathaal , Kaalai and Karuppusamy Kuthagaithaarar bringing the infamous protector of tamil villages into the forefront of the modern hindu.

Even major hindu websites like Astroved and World Tamil Foundation who usually focus on mainstream hindu topics like Astrology and Shaiva festivals have started promoting the greatness of this warrior. All of this is due to his very specific attributes that is unlike any other deity in the hindu pantheon of gods.

Sangili Karuppan , one of the most reputable of the Karuppanasamy forms is finally getting his due fame, but there are also pitfalls to be aware of in the worship of this warrior without equal.

Karuppar worship is an ancient hindu practice that predates even the coming of the vedic culture in India. In ancient times,before there was even written knowledge, and all spiritual knowledge was of an oral tradition; from village to village , from Guru to Shishyan ( spiritual teacher to student), Karuppar worship existed.

There are many ancient stories of Sangili Karuppar, from various traditions, with many hard to verify due to various influences diluting the original stories.Even in india ,there are stories of him being linked to the ramayana, as one of Rama’s son. There is no real basis for this in any original Ramayana tradition. 

I feel that particular story was identified and modified because with Ramayana being so famous,linking karuppar to it would give him a sort of legitimacy as a god to mainstream hindu audiences. This while done with a good intention, has no real need. One does not need stories to be the foundation of his faith. His faith itself should be the foundation of his faith.

 And it is not difficult to build faith with Sangili Karuppar. Because he is such a physically intense deity , you feel his presence almost immediately when you call him earnestly. Sudden heavy gusts of wind , thunder and lightning , sounds of chains rattling , smell of cigar or alcohol have all been experienced by thousands of his devotees all over the world from Singapore to France.

Why Do People Love Him So Much ?

It’s because being a Warrior god in the earthly plane , he understands human tendencies and is extremely quick in answering prayers, just like you would expect a honorable police force to respond immediately to a call of distress from someone. He also has many human characteristics himself owing to his Asura/Araka background.

So What Is His Character ?

If you go through all the various anecdotal stories you hear about him from various village traditions as well as the Arul Vaaku (Trance/Shaman) tradition so popular all around the world, certain key points are repeated over and over again. With that you can at least confirm  some of this Mystery God’s tendencies.

Sangili karuppan is known for his utter fearlessness as a warrior and he can stare down an entire army of demons without any fear. Infamous for his ghost catching skills , his Sangili (Chain) is his preferred weapon and it, in his hands is a weapon with no equal, in dealing with evil entities.

Spirits , Jinns , Demons have all been captured by him when they troubled humans and the affected humans come to him for help.He is so well known for his wielding of his Sangili (Chain) and it has struck fear in so many evil entities that has led to everyone calling him Sangili Karuppar or Sangili Karuppasamy ( The Black God Who Wields The Chain).

Other Guardian gods like Ayyanar and Munesswaran, powerful in their own right have in various occasions enlisted the help of Karuppar to capture a particularly strong or crafty evil entity.It is said that when he arrives, he always arrives with the sound of his chains rattling on the ground and a bellowing roar that makes even demon armies scramble away in all directions.

But these warrior tendencies are not the only reason for his popularity.

A Warrior with Compassion

As strict and ruthless as he is when in his duty in dealing with evil, he also shows humans the level of compassion that only a God can. Any human , no matter his mistake ,if he truly repents and seeks him ,will find himself under the protection of this Elder brother-like God.

There have been many interesting stories of Lord Karuppar even going head on with other gods just to protect his devotees from persecution. Being his devotee for over ten years, i have seen many miracles done by him. Giving children boon to couples without children for many years, bringing devotees out from the clutches of certain death , taking the punishment meant for his own devotees unto himself and thus getting the reputation of the rebel god are just some of these  things.

How Do You Reach Him ?

Being from the shamanistic Arul Vaaku (trance) tradition, there are many who can call him unto their body and let him speak through them. You can approach them and learn more. As with all paths there are pitfalls and one has to remember that Arul Vaaku is a boon to us humans but sometimes has been misused both knowingly and unknowingly. 

I have seen seekers in many forums asking for specific mantra to call him but there really is no need. No magic can control him and he doesn’t obey mantras for the sake of mantras. The best way to reach him is through meditation and japa. 

If you are calling a visitor to your home from another country, what will you do? You will learn about their likes and dislikes and structure your home to best represent that so that they feel comfortable when they visit wouldn’t you? In the same way making an altar representing him is the best way to reach him.

Have a separate altar for him from the other deities , buy one of his many pictures you find online (to order one from us contact us above). Frame it and keep it in the altar. Put a stack of heavy chain like the ones used in bicycle locks just below the framed image.Example below.


With the altar , picture and the chain in place,choose an exact time in a day that you are free daily for you to build the connection with him. His force is more active during the night so anytime from the evenings onward is best. Sit facing his image and focus solely on his image for at least thirty minutes a day.

It might be difficult for someone new to be able to just focus on something for 30 minutes straight. What i did when i first started was put ten minute alarm intervals on my phone and let it buzz. I will then stretch for 30 seconds and then go back to doing another 10 minutes of pure focused attention.

Don’t strain your eyes, focus softly,the intensity must be from your mind and concentration, not your eyes. When other thoughts appear (and they will) don’t try to force them out, just let them come and drift away and bring your focus back to him.

Don’t constrict your breath during this. Let it be relaxed. When you become good at this you will see some real intense results. Our mind these days is extremely cluttered. Our five senses clutter them so much that our mind has turned away from god and is so focused on external objects.

When you become good at this basic meditation and concentration technique, you mind starts to develop a frequency with Sangili Karuppar. Whatever you experience from then on is for you to know personally only.

After your thirty minutes of concentration and meditation daily , you can then proceed to chant his basic mantra Aum Sangili Karupanaswamyeh Thunai (meaning Oh Black Warrior God Wielding The Chains, Be With Me) 108 times to finish off. Good Luck !

P.S The picture of Sangili Karuppan above was created by us after many years of his worship and represents the most accurate image of him yet. We are selling limited copies of the image (with frame) as a fund raiser for our upcoming temple.If you are interested in contributing, please contact us using the contact us page above.

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  • ramaco says:

    merci pour cette publication ,elle m’a été trés utile. richema,

  • RapStar Raj says:

    Keep working ,impressive job!

  • Sasvindran says:

    Thanks for the info’s really usefull..will be trying the mediatation method real soon..:) hope to get your guidance..

  • jay says:

    you guys really impress me……..i love u my dad sanggli karupar

    • admin says:

      thank you for the compliment check back regularly for more articles and let your friends know too:)

  • Kalaivanan says:

    Oh my god! you are really good! well done! do u have your own temple or guru? who can guide me better? please share. .. Im a huge devotees of sanggili karrupar.. And i got a question why did you ask to put different altar from other god? can we put his altar inside the house?

    • admin says:

      greetings kalaivanan. yes i have had my own guru for over 16 years and have taken the task of creating a special temple for sangili karuppar here in singapore,where people can reach him in his full form.

      The statue on the top left hand of the page is the karungkal statue of him we have created for him. if you would like to help in anyway, do let me know.

      it is always best to keep a separate space for kaaval deivams as their energy is different from the moola would be best to keep outside your home but if that is an issue,you can keep a separate area in your altar just for kaaval deivams.

      • Kalaivanan says:

        Do u know any gurus in KL? If yes please share. Thank for your info wilk keep follow your updates

      • Gurusami says:

        could you share more information on the guru in Singapore? I am also very interested to learn more from Guru in Singapore so I can meet in person. I am also would like to know if I can visit someone in Singapore who does trance and helps people with their problems. I can also travel to KL if needed.

  • Swami says:

    Om Namah Shivayaa……

    Its True……bless u.

  • prakash says:

    Karrupanan Samy…is my great guru…I’m his follower just 10 years..i experince many changes in my life…from nothing till someone today with my hardwork and his powerfull blessing.
    Every year we are performing yearly pujja and we are charter bas from children homes to our place to preformance special blessing for this children…freinds and neigbor will contributes their best…
    We create games and gift for them…this my happiness that ever i had experince…
    Thank you Karrupanan Samy

    • admin says:

      thank you prakash for your comments.yes, he is truly a great god..a deity of the people who understands humans and our needs and helps us achieve.Do come to our site often and read our latest articles.Karuppar thunai!

    • yogesweri says:

      Hi I m yogesweri from Malaysia and would like to clarified some info about karruppasamy Lord, Can I hv ur email or fb Id?
      Waiting for response. Thank you.

  • Nesa says:

    bro, what is the difference between sangili karuppar and sangili rayan? it seems sangili rayar doesnt wield an “aruval” but only the chains.. i’m still searching for this answer… tq for creating this blog for devotees like me around the world

    • admin says:

      hi nesa.thanks for your kind log in often and spread word about our site. sangili karuppansamy is on a league of his own.a guardian deity ( asura amsam created by aathi parasakthi herself ) ..he is many thousands of years old.he wasn’t chained by anyone as some popular myths. The chain is his weapon of choice as with other karuppargal too.

      there are others famous human warriors who used the term sangili after him , like the bandit king changili karuppu. As dead warriors , they are prayed to as well and sometimes people mistake one for the other. Sangili karuppansamy is the god , changili karuppu and sangili rayan are two different ancient warriors.

      Sangili rayan is actually called Sangolli Rayanna. He was a karnataka warrior who fought the british just like veera pandiya kattabomman.He was the first to use guerilla warfare to fight in india. He was captured , put in chains and hanged in 26 January 1831. His samadhi is in karnataka where many people pray to him.I will be writing a post about him soon. In the meanwhile you can google his name Sangolli Rayanna for more info.


  • Sadasiva Kumar says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have had an experience in my life about 30 years back (I am 58 years now). While I was immensely happy at that time, I had faced unforeseen failures which is now tormenting me. I have no where to go and no one to confide in. I may sound negative, but could you please inform me whether Sri Sangili Karuppan can help me now and put my mind at rest? Kindly note, this is a fervent request and shall be highly grateful to receive a quick reply from you by mail.
    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      hi sadasiva matter how old we are , we are still children in his eyes.he has seen the birth of our forefathers and protected themjust as he doesprotect us email me more about your situation to my email and i will advise if i can.bless.


      • Sadasiva Kumar says:

        Dear Sir,
        Thank you for the kind reply.
        I am a resident of Chennai, India and I would very much
        like to have a framed picture of Karuppar Swamy. could you
        please inform from where and how I can get the picture?
        Thank you.
        T.Sadasiva Kumar

  • Aditya Viknesh says:

    Hi bro and everyone on this blog , i just like to share a few words . First of kudos to Shree for his succint and informative article .

    I do randomn research on various topics and even dabbled , but all aside im convinced of Sangli Karrupar’s swiftness in response and his all powerful divine aura . Imo its easier to access to Karrupar as he is receptive and understands human fallacies and problems .

    Once Karrupar has your back , no worries in life . Anyway shree do email me if younare doing any poojas im from sg btw . Thanks

    • admin says:

      hi aditya. thanks for your comment.yes,his swiftness and understanding of our humanity is his greatest strength as he has seen generations upon generations of our human come here often and contribute what you can to our site and any questions you might have.bless.


  • soundesh says:

    good day guru sir, i would like u to differenciate the link between ayyanar or aravan and karuppu swami

    • admin says:

      hi soundesh.ayyanar is a diety more prevalent in tamilnadu.his power resides more malaysia and singapore he is hardly prayed to.
      aravaan is the son of arjuna, and he was a half human half asuran. He sacrificed himself to goddess kali under instructions from Krishna
      in the Mahabharata battle so that the Pandavas would be assured victory. Karupparsamy clan is an Asura clan created by Aathi Sakti and given
      instructions to catch unruly demons , boothas and powerful spirits.

  • vijay says:

    can girls worship him n say the chanting too…is that okay..b cos i have heard people say he hate women..

    • admin says:

      that is utter nonsense.a warrior created by the great aathi parashakti hate women? pray to him as your father or your brother (thats why we call him karuppannai) and see him presence first hand in your life…Bless.

  • ramya says:

    Hi my husband 31yrs old, just got into a bike & has suffered serious brain injury. He was in ICU but now he opened his eyes not able to recognise and cant move his arms & legs. Doctors said its a long road to recovery. We have a 3yr old daughter,9mth old baby girl & expecting my 3rd child now. Someone asked us to do special prayers for Karuppar at paampatti sithar temple in Dindukkal. Financially down, we were asked to send about $3450 ,or 150,000indian rupees to do this prayers there. I want to see my husband to be able to walk & talk again. Am i doing the right thing here?-
    Ms.R – Singapore

    • admin says:

      my heart goes out to you and your family.i have seen karuppar do many not spend that kind of money,karuppar never asks for money.First go to lion sithi vinayagar koil at china town as soon as you can. bring your children too.ask him sincerely for need him to clear the obstacles. secondly go to potong pasir durgai amman’s temple weekly.tie a mudichi on her thrisoolam. bring your children and pray to her sincerely and cry to her.The queen mother always responds to ladies tears.

      these two gods are the ones you need the most right now.with all your heart pray to them.not just weekly at the temple but daily at home too. if you touch them,they themselves will send their warrior karuppar to your not spend unnecessary money. bhakti and full faith is more important.i have been saying arul vaaku for over eight years with karuppar in my body though im not doing it regularly these things ,and if you still need help after that, i will call him for you. Karuppan thunai.

      • ramya says:

        Will do as advised. Due to this crisis in family many have cone forward to ask me to do many prayers. Im just too confused at the present moment.I saw you mentioned you hv a special temple here in s’pore. Would like to come & worship him there if possible.

        • admin says:

          we are is easy to get overwhelmed by our crisis especially something as heavy as yours.dont do too many things at once,it will disperse your energy.a light dispersed is weak, but the same light concentrated is a laser that can cut through metal even.that is how your faith should be too.once you go to vinayar and leave it to him you should not think about should let him do his work.when you go to durga,bring your kids, and shed your tears in front of her.She will respond!something simple like feeding a pot of kesari to the people there (anathaanam) would not be too expensive but would help.

          after doing these two things email m back.i will tellyou the next step.bless.God is with you.

  • Linda Balan says:

    Hello Admin

    I am a strong follower and my God (Kula Deivam) is Sanggali Karuppar Samy,I have a separate altar for Karuppar samy and all his likes arranged accordingly on my altar.

    The reason I am sharing this is because, I have experienced and experiencing tremendous good things that has happen in my life for a very quick and short period of time from the day I started fully concentrating on Karuppar Samy.

    Everything happens for a reason and Karuppar Samy has brought me close to HIM thru many instances and also when I was a believer of other deities.

    I have a big Altar with all the other deities as well.My prayer room, my house and my life feels so great with Karuppar Samy’s presence in our lives.

    My husband goes into trance when he focusses on Karuppar Samy and I am so glad the blessings I get thru my husband from Karuppar Samy. My husband is fasting for Karuppar Samy for 48 days and bless todate everything is going on well. I will never forget and leave my believe and prayer for KARUPPAR SAMY.

    Please email me every now and then or updates regarding Karuppar Samy if
    there is any.Thanks

    Just a thought to share

    • admin says:

      your reply is most appreciated linda.there will be more interesting updates for sure very soon!


  • vaanathi says:

    Dear admin you are doing a great job!
    please go threw below set of mindblowing 8 vedio’s which will talk about tamils religion aaseevagam and true histry of tamil gods vinayagar, sivan,murugan,indiran,prahmman,veettinan(vishnu),karuppar,iyyanar.

    Hope this will help you for your research.Thanks!

    • admin says:

      hi have to be careful of what you read online and do your own research. the aseevagam theory is propagated by the dravidian movement with their own political aims trying to make everything in our beautiful religion sound scientific. they trying to link it to the tamil siddhars is incredibly wrong. the siddhars were a powerful clan , but no matter how scientific their yogic abilities were , they were always still devotees of lord shiva. trying to remove bhakti from the siddha tradition makes it an empty shell. i am formally initiated (guru – disciple) into the siddha tradition of kriya yoga under the direct lineage of the nath siddhars and i can tell you that the info shown in the aseevagam movement is wrong.

  • Rajes says:

    Good day to all!

    I am from Malaysia. My husband’s kula deivam is Sanggali Karrupar. I have seen my father in law did annual prayers to kula deivam by preparing all his favourite. 5 years ago -my father in law passed away due to road accident. After that my husband just continious with daily prayer at home. We kept the sanggali karuppar statue and Mariyamman statue side by side at our altar. We are actually having alot of problem after my father in law passed way. From the article I understand that we should prepare separate altar for HIM. Can you please advice, how to do the prayers for HIM in right way. What should I prepare? Thank you.

    • admin says:

      mariamma is the great goddess , she is the south indian version of the north indian durgai amma.sangili karuppar is one of her chief protector and bodyguard. he calls her akka.there is nothing wrong in keeping them together.the problems you are having might not be is best to see a good astrologer to see what is happening asttrologically as well…if he is your kula deivam , he is related to you by blood( ancestor) and you have to do annual worship padayal to him. he can help you when others cannot cause he is your ancestor and is linked with your karma….

      email me at for more info.


  • Siva Sundaram says:

    Dear sir
    My unhappy marriage life, poor financial control and things gone worst with the birth of an epileptic/ special child . Both of us as a parents blamed god, blamed each other even until now . As a woman the impact was more for my wife but for me it changed my life . For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction , for every suffering there is a truth deeply hidden . Everybody has his own karma to dealt with. Even now , whatever that happens will happen . No one can change this but I believe there is a way to reduce the impact of suffering , sometimes the problems can be rectified. The solution was there.It is all in you , it was always there. When we were small our parents was there to guide us , to show the right path. When we get older our parents may not be there but there always was a family who watches us always . When you suffer they suffer the most . They suffer the most when you simply ignore them. All that they want is love ,faith and believe . Sometimes you cannot get this genuine love from your own siblings. I still remember when I faced a financial problem I approached my sister , all she can say was ” never mind lah , if you go bankrupt you still can maintain your family what… After all you are not dead…”
    Whenever I face a unsolvable problem I visit my brother layan Sithi Vinayagar temple on Thursdays . Sometimes he solves my problems, some times he guides me to visit my mother . So I would go to dharma muneeswaran temple to visit Amma Pratyangira . When you shed tears to your mother she will be there for you . When you sleep at night you will feel her presence that all the problem is vanished . Eventhough people say its my feeling , I slept well .All i did was believe. When I feel I am lost my mother guides me to Appa Karupparsamy . So when I sleep at night feeling lost Appa was there when I hear the sound of chains. It may be my own feelings but It made sleep soundly as I have forgotten the problems . All I did was believe. Eventhough many doctors say my daughter cant be cured of her illness i still believe she will be cured even if it is going to be until my last breadth , i will still believe . That’s all…..

    • admin says:

      i do not believe in giving false hope to anyone my brother.all i know is that i have seen some rare miracles in my time from sangili karuppar , even lifes have been saved. constantly go to lord vinayagar , durgai amman and sangili karuppar. and from nothing , and no way , a way shall be made.


  • Govind ! says:

    En Ayyan Sangili Karuppan…
    Dear admin, i would like to ask whether can i put sangglili karppar altar at family rental house…coz recently i rent a house n most people at my area put altar of Madura Veeran & Jada Muni oni in front of their house… Is him a too fierce kaaval deivam to pray at home…??? One more ting dear admin,how if i move from recent rental house to other district or city…can bring him together or must do any prayers before move to new place or ask his permission…im confused..!
    Im asking this coz i wanna put Sanggili karuppar altar at my house n im his strong n sincere follower since just 3years…
    Tq 4ur reply dear admin..
    Once again tq.

    • admin says:

      do not put him inside your house but instead at the side of the front of your house…the top of a persons house should always be vinayagar. will an elder brother be fierce to you even if you disrespect him at times? no…because he is your the same way , sangili karuppar is a god , do not put human emotions into him. he is bigger than that.

      just respectfully tell him you are moving him and put a small prayer for him when you bring him to your new place.


  • Siva Sundaram says:

    Dear Sir,
    When I was writing the previous statement I was in a great distress , I have poured out some of it but am truly relieved with your words . Thank you sir. I like to clarify something .
    I am from Malaysia , I lived in a single storey house with my wife and children and my In laws live at the back of my house in a double storey house. Due to some circumstances my inlaws moved to another city and stayed there for 2 years. We were forced to move to their house and our house was given for rental. When my father in law was in another city he seek help from his kula deivam by taking a brick and calling his kula deivam into it . He worship this from the day onwards. When he returned he brought the kula deivam ( karuppar) back by wrapping in a dhoti . He said he did request for permission. He stayed in the double storey house with us . Later they decided to sell the double storey house to us and bought our house. He wanted to bring his kula deivam with him .Then came a woman who in Karuppar trance said that Karuppar liked the way my wife worship him and does not want to go with my inlaw. The lady in trance requested another brick to be placed in the another house. He also requested a priest he specifically name to be called for the prayers. So we called the priest in another day at night to do the prayer beginning with my inlaws house ( single storey house ) He requested to some copper iron rod to be buried (about 40ft to the ground ) and placed a copper yantra on top ,lastly topping up with the brick . He had the ritual of abhisegam for the brick initially. Then the surrounding brick was placed with cement . In my inlaws house the altar was made facing the road outside the house . The house is facing east and the altar is facing the road in the position of north east. In my house the ritual was done in the same manner but my house is facing west and the altar is facing the house at the south west direction and is placed in the corner . Fortune suddenly came to us and we built a shelter for him. In a few year problems did happen and I could feel emptiness in the idol. I seeked help from a temple and from arul vahku the priest said that ayya is no more there. He came to our house and in muni appan trance said that a chakra was placed in the ground of the house during the construction and this is for protection of the house . He said the chakra was too hot ( ushnam) and forced ayya to leave . This was denied by my in law since it was his house before but muni ayya said strongly that there were something. He also said the area of placing the idol was not correct since it is placed in a corner. He said only ghost and ghouls hide in a corner . He later made a yellei kathu to the house and invoked My kula deivam karuppar samy to the brick idol. He requested to me to paint and decorate the idol in black and show doopam for 48 days without stop. Neivediyam must be placed on thurs , Friday and Tuesday. He also requested me to rebuilt the altar to place the idol so as not so close to the corner , sitting in a chakra ,without any steps and facing the house. This is after the 48days prayer . He also asked me to give non vegetarian food two months once.
    My question is:
    1) was the method my inlaw made to call his kula deivam correct?
    2) can a woman get karuppar trance?( she drank 2 big stout beer in one shot!)
    3)was the idol placement in both houses correct?
    4) why do people place the yantra/ chakra in the ground of the house. Is it correct that it is too hot even the kaval deivam cannot bear it.
    5) in what circumstances can a kula theivam leave the house. We did everyday prayer, abhisegam properly without fail.
    6) was the repositioning correct?
    7) since muni Appa called in my kula theivam karuppa then could it be my ancestor lineage?
    8) muni Appa requested to give non vegetarian , but my wife told me before being in trance the priest asked to give vegetarian food and also said this because there is children living in the house. What does this mean?
    I would be upmost happy if you could give some clarification on this matter .thank you sir

    • admin says:

      hi siva. the situation is so complex and there are so many hidden factors that it would be difficult for me to say exactly what happened. Only karuppar knows.

      I will answer your questions with the best of my knowledge.

      1) I dont think there was an error in your in laws calling karuppar , if there was he would not have come would he?

      2) the question on woman getting ayya or karuppar trance gets asked alot. If men can get amma trance , why cant a woman
      get ayya trance? We were born in a tradition to respect women , but male ego has pushed women to a lower role. It is this
      ego among some men that refuse to accept that a lady can trance a male god.

      i have seen women trance alot better than even men. Even my guru , who gave me my beloved karuppar , is a lady too.

      3) i cannot answer on the idol placement.

      4) To the best of my knowledge , yantras are not to be placed in houses. They are for meditation and yogic , tantric purposes.

      5) Ayya could leave for a variety of reasons. Sangili karuppar did leave india to our lands in Malaysia and Singapore for some reason too.

      6) Yes , if he is your kula deivam , you are from his lineage.

      7) There are more than one way up a mountain. Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian is the same. Plants have life too. Just tell ayya to protect your children

      as a boon for giving him non vegetarian and they will have a bodyguard for life.

      i hope i have been of help.


      • Siva Sundaram says:

        Dear sir
        Thank you for your reply. I have read in an article about animal sacrifice which mention that states that animal sacrifice done in the modern era is wrong . It states that during sacrifice the animal should be freed of its karma by a ritual otherwise the person performing the sacrifice should bear the animals karma. ( Vedic wisdom by Sri.P.V.R.Narasimha Rao)
        Another question is that in the Gita Lord Krishna said that even though he is Paramatma , during an avataram as a human being he too is bonded by cycles of karma : is the Kula deivam facing the same consequences ?
        Thank You

        • admin says:

          for anyone to use a blanket statement like that is wrong.unless the author has been to every place on the corner of earth that is doing animal sacrifice and seen it being done wrong. the intention behind an action is more important than a physical ritual. if a guy finishes night shift and is unable to shower but still goes to pray to lord shiva versus another who does all the ritual properly but has evil in his heart ,who would lord shiva accept?

          karma is too complex for any single human to comprehend, because even the gods are part of it.

          you should read the proper version of the gita ,not the one written by bhaktivedanta prabhupada ,called bhagavad gita as it is.

          that version has been heavily modified to forward that author’s own hidden aims.

          When Lord Krishna speaks about being the Paramatma ,he speaks of the essence in him which comes from the eternal Aathi,not about his physical avatar self as krishna. The gods are also bonded by their individual karmas, which is beyond the scope of us humans.

  • KOGI says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m Malaysian Indian Lady and Sangali karupar is my “khule deivam”. One day my tamil sir brought up a story about kaval theivam, he said every body should have their own kaval theivam who will come on the sport when we call HIM for help. So, from that onwards I started to worship HIM in my heart and every time mentioned HIS name all the while but now its almost 21yrs my worship to HIM. Just 4yrs ago, I started worship HIM by putting HIS altar(photo) outside my rental house. Once in year(ammavasai) I do give HIM padeyal.

    Even in my family nobody worship HIM include my uncles or aunty. But, many people said that lady should not worship Sangali Karuppar because HE don’t like if ladies worship HIM. But I don’t care and i’m do worship HIM until todate(about 21yrs) and HE helps/protect me a lot in such a way. HE is not only my khule theivam but he is my guardian, my father and my friend as well.

    Dear Sir, my questions here is :-

    1) Do ladies should not worship HIM as how others said that HE don’t accept ladies worship?

    2) If yes(Q1), Shall ladies can eat HIS padeyal after the prayers?

    Thanks for your prompt reply

    • admin says:

      dear kogilam.thanks for your comment.i will do my best to reply.

      This myth about ladies not being able to worship him is nonsense. Sangili Karuppar and his clan of karupparmargal were created by the Great Aathi Shakti herself. He frequently calls Mother Mari and Periyaachi his sagothaaris and asks women to seek Amma Durga for certain issues and if she gives the green signal , then he will proceed.

      So how can such a man , who respects such women not accept female worship?

      A god never separates between who can and cannot worship him , especially sangili karuppar.

      Even bandits who had to rob for a living used to worship him (by dharma , they were not doing wrong , for example , they are doing it for food and only taking from those who had too much) then he is such a beautiful god for accepting their worship.

      He is a bachelor god yes , that means he has no desire for any woman in a companion mindset. That is not the same as hating women. For him he doesnt make a distinction between man or woman , all are his children. So do not worry.

      2ndly regarding his padayal. There is some truth to women not being encouraged to share in his padayal. Let me explain.

      The true padayal for sangili karuppar, if you follow his custom , is non vegetarian.You will have to sacrifice a Live Rooster in it.

      The rooster is a big symbol of masculinity , and giving it to sangili karuppar is very appropriate. But the padayal itself becomes

      infused with masculine (male) energy because of this. Women are discouraged from taking it as it could affect their own feminine energy

      (problems with hormones , childbirth etc )…To men on the other hand , it gives a boost of courage and masculinity to them.

      In the same way , there are certain prayers for amma, where they give a pregnant chicken (female) as sacrifice. In these prayers , guys

      are discouraged from taking the food as it will affect their male hormones as pregnant chicken is feminine.

      If the prayers are vegetarian , than these issues do not matter.

      Sometimes information gets passed along halfway , leading to misintepretation.

      I hope i was able to clear your doubts.


  • Vickneswaran says:

    Dear Sir,

    People have always invoked the Kula Deivams to ask for their help and remedies.

    I myself had the blessings to be helped by these deivams.

    I would like to ask, will it be very improper .. when the medium is in trance .. can we ask our Kaval Deivams to tell us about themselves and their origins?

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      that depends on the level of trance and type of deivam vicknesh. lord shiva has only given arul vaaku to the people for remedy purpose,and most people only have enough energy of the deity in the body to solve the issues , not anything else.if you are a shisya to the medium ,you may able to ask further,

  • Rooben says:

    Cn we put madurai veeran photo and sangili karupan photo together at one altar with 1 vilaku? is tht ok?,should not be a problem??

  • Ravi Sh says:

    my appa jay shri sanggili karuppa..

  • Ash says:

    Hie there, will the same thing work for muniandy aiyyah? Some help and advise would be much appreciated. Thanks and god bless.

  • sathyasubramaniam says:

    Hi Admin,

    I would like to know some stuffs, I really love Sangili Karupar ayya alot..
    What is the right way to pray to him?
    How do I meditate to him?
    How to invite him into me?
    Will he come?

    Hope to hear from you soon, Thank you
    Aiyan Thunai

  • jeyakumary says:

    Dear admin.
    Its indeed a good article. Actually i dont know my kula theivam. my father, even my grandfather never spoke abt it. But i really wanted to know my kula theivem, once a medium told me that my kula theivam is sanggili karupan. but till now i cant decide wthr it is true or not as im more keen on Muniswaran ayya. how can i know my kula theivam. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      keen and not keen has nothing to do with kula deivam jeyakumari.kula deivam is something you are born with from your blood line and you cant change it.ishta deivam on the other hand is your own personal favorite. you have to worship will never get muneeswaran’s blessing by disrespecting his “brother” karuppansamy…

  • Siva Sundaram says:

    I need a urgent reply, I was told by a person that the coming adhi velli is auspicious for Aya Karrupaswamy also for the anchestor , he was informed by a guruji when he visited a temple in Singapore . The guruji requested to do a padayal . In my hometown indeed there is a padayal puja in temple for Kathavarayan Sami. Please clarify this as I planning to do padayal for Karupparsamy during this day .

    • admin says:

      adhi velli is more so for attha than ayya but there is no problems doing prayers for him on that day either.

  • Shalini says:

    Hi admin… Very nice blog about Sri Karrupar Swamy. I am in search of my family deity. I only have a couple of clues. Clue no.1: He is from karuppar vamsa vazhhi. Clue no.2: He is a blind warrior. Please kindly help me out in this…..I really want to know his name and about his origins. Thank you. Karrupar swamikku Jai…….

    • admin says:

      thanks for your kind words shalini. there are many in the karuppar vamsa vazhi.and some of them dont even know one is that vast:)
      what you can do is meditate on either Periya Karuppansamy or 18am padi Karuppansamy and they will reveal it to you if its gods plan for you.


  • shara84 says:

    Hi admin,

    A’good day to you and my appa sangili karupar.

    Im a follower of sangili karupar i do not know my kula dheivam… long lost news it became, i have went to many temples and seen many god even converted to christianity in somepoint and almost losing everything and everyone, then i decided there is no god… yet i was pulled back towards the maha kali amman.. i got a trance once then few months later it was chased of by a man in muni ayya trance saying she was bad and she is eating my wifes child bearing(karuvu).. then last month in a thiruvila amma came in me so fierce and so majestic… but in a arul vakku session with jada muni ayya she declared she will move out of me to let me go forward.. muni ayya said she is third avtar of kali amma. At that moment something engulfed me and it was karupar ayya.. as he told the people there he will not leave me or let anyone else in me and promised on lord shiva’s name.. since then if im talking to someone i suddenly lost conciuos and he speaks… during padayal he came he speaked and promised to my wife that in 10 months she will bear a child but he must carry on the poojas and works that i carry for ayya.

    1. I do sincerely do worship him, but my mind sometimes leads to my past sins.
    2. I do not have his image or an altar for him, i do have muni ayya altar.
    3. I removed all the objects given to me n my house buy a guy in muni ayya trance because nothing ever worked.
    4. When i ayya comes in i can see n hear what he says but unable to control or understand self.
    5. Im in terrible debt, because of my past actions still asking karupars help.
    6. My whle world is karupar now.
    7. Everytime i tend to a open a bottle of kallu or stout in front of him the alchohol starts exploded and bubble out..
    8. I do japam using rudraksha mala in front of him in the temple every friday.
    9. And his temple is located in a cemetary near amma,s temple..

    Am i doing right or need to fix myself.. help me..

    Thank you and sorry to trouble u.

    • Satyan says:

      Hi shara…
      Sorry to hear that you have gone through all these.
      Getting entangled with goddess Kali is due to your karmas.
      It’s true that she can consume what your wife is bearing(karuvu) and besides that she is surrounded by dushta devathaigal.
      It happened to my friend too who used to get goddess kali trance and Karuppar told him to give up Goddess Kali.
      She is there for a purpose which common people don’t have to know or practice…. and if you are a common man…then I think you are on the right path now
      Karuppar will bring you to the right path….he will not let you go, until you let go of him…..hope you understand
      You don’t really need a picture or an image of him.
      Don’t give up on meditation.
      I think the rest, you can ask Sree(admin) to guide you….
      All the best brother in your quest for spiritual journey


      • admin says:

        Good response sathyan, i could not have said it better. Kali is like a sister to karuppar but only recommended for those who have a proper guru and are advanced practitioners. Also if you are single as well. I have personal experience with her and yes, she will do what she thinks is good for you, even if it means cutting family ties that you want.

  • Gurusami says:

    Dear Shree

    I would like to get your advice on how to best participate in Karrupasamy homa in either Singapore or Malaysia. I would really like to do this.

    Thank you, G. Ishwar

  • kiran mitran says:

    Karuppar hav safe me in many ways…. once I lost rm 2500 ringgit to pay my tution fees n I dono how I misplace my bag which the money was in it…. I panicked n wen to the alter in my hostel n cried out my problem the next morning I got a call from my university 1 old uncle found my bag near a football field n he saw my pass n gav it to my college’s administration department….. I wen to him n said thanks wit a smile n tears of joy…. love u karuppar appa

  • Satyan says:

    Hi everyone. I’m kinda new here. Just to share a few things. I’m from Malaysia. Been a devotee of Karuppar since my childhood days. He is our kula theivam. The Karuppar vamsam consists of 18 brothers or sagothargal. Of these 18, sangili Karuppar is the youngest of all. The eldest is called 18am padi mahamuni karuppasamy. For Sangili Karuppar, Saturdays are the special or ugantha naal but for 18am padi Karuppar it is on Mondays. He likes it if one can fast or be vegetarian on Mondays and chant his mantra or namam at least 18 times. He is extremely powerful and a righteous God. He will follow right next to you if you call upon Him when you are about to go somewhere. The other brothers include Santhana Karuppar , malayala Karuppar or the malayalees know him as karuppachan. He is a Maaya kaaran and even the best of the tantrikals or utthandhans fear him.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your comments satyan. Knowledge that is passed down tend to change from place to place.That isn’t a big issue as long as the true essence remains the same.From my research over 15 years and my travels in india and from the gurus i have learnt from and my direct knowledge from meditation here are some knowledge i have received.

      1) There are actually 22 Karuppargal in their vamsam, of those 4 are othukapatavargal(they are set aside and not prayed to) The 18 are 18am Padi Karuppar and the 17 amsams under him including Sangili Karuppar.They are all under Ayyapan. There are also Karuppargal outside of this group like Chinna Karuppar and Periya Karuppar.

      2) 18am Padi Karuppar is not his real name too. It’s his pathavi (rank), he is the one closest to Ayyapan. I do not think Mahamuni is part of his name.Munis and Karuppars are different even if they are like brothers.

      3) Sangili Karuppansamy was born an asuran/araka amsam. He was directly under 18am Padi Karuppansamy who gifted him the Sangili that he uses as a weapon.He never takes it off. Sangili Karuppansamy is very old and ancient. He himself does have a human amsam Changili Karuppu who was born and lived as a Bandit and is probably the young one you are talking about.People tend to confuse them both.


      • Satyan says:

        Absolutely true brother. 18am padi Karuppar is under Lord Ayyappan. Lord Ayyappan is the bootha nathan and lord Karuppar is his general who controls thousands of bootham under him. It is said that Lord Ayyappan goes for vacation for few months or so. That time, 18am padi Karuppar and his 2 assistants take charge of Sabarimala.
        You are right. That may not be his name….because as you may know…it’s best not to mention certain names openly. You may never know who our enemies are. People may use the maanthrigam to tie(kattu) kaaval theivanggal. Before they tie any kaaval theivanggal, they will call upon their assistants and put padayal(food). To make the long story short, at the end of the ceremony, they will ask a varam or sought of a boon thingy…which is how to tie the main deity. The assistants would reveal and the kattu process becomes easier. However, 18am padi Karuppar can’t be tied(as claimed by 18am padi Karuppar himself). Many have tried or would still keep trying but would fail. Although he can’t be tied, it’s best not to mention their names and put it to a test. Even the china Karuppar and periya Karuppar that you see in Sabarimala is not their real name. HE is simply amazing. A big NO NO to evil and wrong doers.
        In Malaysia, when you mention Karuppasamy, people always tend to refer to Sanggili karruppan. Only those who pray to Lord Ayyapan or who fasts for Him would know about 18am padi Karuppar. That is one of the reason why a devotee will have to adorn a black dhoti during the 6 weeks fast. The other reason is, all are equal…in the dark you can’t differentiate things. All are one. All are HIS children.
        I have a question…what is your opinion about animal sacrifice? Just want to know ur idea bout it.
        Can I have the address of your temple by the way. I would surely come to your temple one day.
        God bless. Thanks.

        • admin says:

          it is because Sangili Karuppansamy is highly active in these parts of the world and there are reasons for that.It is his domain. (area in charge) . One does not really have to go through Ayyapan to learn about 18am padi karuppar bro..If you are close to Sangili Karuppansamy, he will tell you all you need to know about 18am Padi who is his first guru.

          With regards to maanthirigam and kattu, that is a highly advanced topic which i don’t really talk much about here..No god can truly be tied, what can be tied is the small drop or essence inside the statue, not their true full self.And it would be really crazy for someone to even attempt to do that with any karuppar, who will have 17 other brothers defend him:)

          I have written about Animal Sacrifice in the other articles. There is nothing wrong about it, and there are good reasons behind it. But many people in Malaysia and Singapore tend to go overboard and do things wrongly when it comes to that.It is all part of nature. Mother nature didnt create the world as vegetarian only. It is a cycle and a balance.

          • Satyan says:

            Very true….18am padi Karuppar is his(sangili Karuppar’s) first guru…as the others refer to 18am padi Karuppar as ‘aasan’ or sometimes ‘easan’. I’m impressed that u know a lot about karuppachan. I humbly bow down to you. As the great Shiva bhakta acknowledges other Shiva bhakta, this Karuppar bhaktan pays due respect to another Karuppar bhaktan. :)
            Do keep in touch. I have sent my email requesting your temple address.
            God bless all.

            SATYAME JAYAM.
            JAI HIND.

  • Satyan says:

    Oops …just read your article on meat offerings/animal sacrifice. Thanks.

  • kali says:

    what is a special day for sanggali karuppan because i am praying sanggali karuppan.he is my kula deivam

  • surencool says:

    hi,im juz 20(2014). i have a strong faith on 18 padi karuparr… 6 months before tiz post, a temple has been built with his statue behind my flat… first i dont have any storng interest to pray him.. but after an incident which happens to my friends… lead me to show to interest on god 18 padi karuparr…. i learn about tiz god on wikipedia… and start to go for the temple everyday…. now im not sure how iz the proper way to pray him… can u tel me??

  • surencool says:

    pls can u send some 18 padi karuppar image…. diffcult in getting on internet..

  • Siva Sundaram says:

    Brother how are you?, it has been quite a while since I wrote in the blog, I saw your padayal for Ayaa. Really good , I feel blessed. Like for peryachi padayal certain items like katoram karungamani, a certain type of salted fish , murangai poo peratal, etc are must items . How about Ayaa padayal ? What is the nessesary item or must have . Like one of the medium say that 3 young coconut is most required . Some say if you put non vege always need to follow non vege padayal. Can you guide us on the items required , when to do padayal and proper method . Some people say must do yella kathu first before padayal to protect unwanted things to come during padayal Pooja. I heard 12am Pooja is the best time for padayal .

  • sharavanan says:

    Dear brother,

    Need to ask you, i want to know about Mayana karuppar, because recently as i know i prayed and got the trance of sanggili karuppar because i was able to confirm because i had dream of his image of me, then only i had the trance and i did got the miracle of the opportunity of seeing him live because he provided the chance to believe him. I dont call unto his trance always. Only once in a blue moon only but recently another ayya in trance said wanted to see me in trance, when i called upon him i felt different and after that i got to know from my friends said this ayya called him Mayana Karuppar and he was very fierce.. and i mean very fierce.. and words were very sharp.. so i need to know abt him more.. help me please..

  • Anu says:

    Vanakkam anne. Just came across this page. Really interesting and full of info. I would like to know too about the must have items in padaiyak for sanggali karuppan swamy. tq

    • admin says:

      greetings anu. if you are giving vegetarian padayal, give him elaneer ( young coconut ), idly, thosai etc..If giving non vegetarian do get someone whois experienced to do it for you.Bless you.

  • Jaya says:

    Hai admin, currently im experiencing problems where some bad spirits tries to enter to my body, giving me bad dreams, experiencing about 2 weeks.. so i need help how can i pray SANGKILI KARUPPAR so that i get a good resolution?

  • Sethu says:

    hi anna…i like to talk to you or email u..can pls email anna..5 years i pray karuppanaswamy…i wanna to asdk you lot of ques?!can uh anna

  • velmurugan says:

    Dear Admin,
    I’m 24 years old from pondicherry. I’m working as a software developer in a private sector.I want to share one of my colleague’s problem. He is from Karur. When some one teased him he becomes angered and say act like Karrupu swamy. On that time he told no one tease this child if any one tease him u will be killed by me. My heard from my child hood karrupu swamy is protector of human..(not for specific person).. then how can he killed kidding person. What Can I say? I think it will defenitly spoiled his future. How can i change his personality.. Others think he is mentally disorder.. Please help him. .give some solution

    • admin says:

      with such little info, it is hard for me to judge anything. If he hasnt asked for your help, you should not be trying to:)

  • Sadasuva Kumar says:

    Could you please help me in getting a good picture of Karuppar for
    puja? I am in Chennai, India.
    Awaiting your reply and thanks.

  • Ramki says:

    Dear Sir

    Can I chant same manthra ie “manthra Aum tath purushaya vithmahe saptha brahma mahadevaya thimahe !

    Thanno sri mootha karuppana swamy prachodayath

    for Sone karrupswamy also. Please tell us the tamil meaning of the mantra.

  • Eddie Wong says:

    Hi! Sir can put The Lord Sangili Karuppaswamy statue in my prayer room for praying ?

    • admin says:

      Hi eddie. He is a guardian deity so the best location for him would be at the side of your house the entrance.If not possible than you can keep in your prayer room, but try and give separate space for him.And offer him cigars

      • Eddie Wong says:

        Thank Q very much for your advice…Sir ,how about the facing direction bcoz someone told me that can’t facing south is that true ? Sir now I put the statue in my prayer room at 3rd floor separate with the other altar but I’ll try to find the place near my entrance if the directions is not a problem (contraindications )..awaiting for your reply.Thank Q

        • admin says:

          hi there location would be near the entrance but other locations are okay too according to your beliefs. faith is much more important than directions.

  • HI Sir, I am from Singapore and I live in a flat. As such we can’t place the altar for sangili karuppar outside the house. My house have a balcony so can l place appa down there which is in side the house. So if I want to do padaiyal should I bring his idol in the house to do then put him back outside?

    • admin says:

      yes that should be fine…tell him first before you remove him from his location as a sign of respect.

  • vstthiru says:

    I love karuppar so him im live so happy with my family..

  • kiran nvm says:

    Om sangili karuppere thunai…

  • thanam says:


    Thanks for the interesting info on sangilikaruppar. Do you have anything on malyala karuppu. Are there temples in malaysia solely for him

    • admin says:

      hi thanam. there are many malayala karuppu temples in india. they always have him together with malayala bhagawati( mother role)

    • Satyan says:

      Hi thanam. There is one Malayala Karuppar temple in Port Dickson. It’s called Sree malayala swamy temple. They have a FB page also…check it out. Like what admin mentioned(Sree), they also have malayala bhagawathi there.
      Malayala Karuppar is the other side of 18am padi Karuppar….innoru paguthi…sort of two sides of the same coin.
      As the name indicates, he speaks Malayalam, a vegetarian, soft spoken and circles the “saatai” around the bhakthars neck, while giving vibuthi and blessings….
      Good luck in your spiritual journey…

      • admin says:

        Good info satyan. When i went to india to do research on the various karuppars, i found that original karuppar worship was always in the jungles (ellai koil)..As society changed and started to live in cities, they brought the various karuppars to the cities. But since karuppars were known to be very very fierce as they were jungle dwelling, when their statues and images were brought to the city temples, they always had a mother beside them. Like bhagawathi amman beside malayala karuppu, rakkaiyi amman beside sappani karuppu.

        The belief was that a son no matter how fierce, will be calm when in the presence of his mother. Good thinking:)

        • Satyan says:

          Very true Sree….you mentioned the key word “jungle”…. Yes it’s true….hehe
          And those days they don’t really erect statues,….a trisoolam was commonly used right??
          Karuppar only listens to Amma/ bhagawathi….I think because She was the one who gave Karuppar the boon..
          But I do have a question for you Sree, I do pray to 18am padi karruppan and he is very fond of Chottanikara bhagawathi(aathi parasakthi) and chottanikara Kaali, but he seems to dislike some other forms of Kaali…and even told my friend to let go of the Kaali worship my friend used to practice…is the chottanikara Kaali(keelkavu bhagawathi) different from other Kaali???
          I know this is a bit complex…sorry…: )

          • admin says:

            hi brother.yes its well known that karuppar will even argue with lord shiva at times but bows down to the mother:)aathi sakti herself created the karuppar clan so there is a certain link to her.there are some forms of kali that were captured by karuppar clan and imprisoned because to them even if a god does wrong they are liable to justice…so yes certain kali amsams are like his sisters while others were his hunted bounty in the past:) lets leave it at that..haha

  • Sash says:

    I have kept a photo of jada muniswarer photo outside my house.Can Any guide guide me how to pray to him..for eg what I should offer to him and such.many thanks

  • Sash says:

    I have kept a photo of jada muniswarer photo outside my house.Can Any guide guide me how to pray to him..for eg what I should offer to him and such.many thanks

  • Eddie says:

    One of the guru kal told me that Sangili karuppa is sri kala bhairava , isn’t it ?

  • Hari says:

    Is karuppanaswamy and sanggili karuppan related ? Why karuppanaswamy has Naamam in his forehead but sanggili has Pattai on his forehead?

    • admin says:

      karuppansamy is the respectable term you use to call all karuppar amsams..example muthu karuppansamy..sangili karuppansamy etc. There are many karuppan amsams some are under vishnu ( naamam ) some under shivan (pattai)…

  • neemal12 says:

    hi bro can i ask u something…im die hurt fan of sanggili karuppan god…last year only i start prayering him and this year december will be the second year padiyal for him..i just want to know more about him and his history and hw to talk with him and hear him talking wit him and before this i just put his picture and pray and after sometime i brought his small statue and put infront his picture and pray…and last week went i ties vesti for him(small statue) suddenly he juz drop on the table a little then his back of his aruva was broke little i was worried n consult wit some gurusamy and they say just replace the statue..nothing to i decided to get a new statue but bigger abit and a bigger ayya valter(sami medai) because my previous ayya medai was small..before i buy big statue i consult wit the gurusamy n he told need to ask sanggili karuppan before place a bigger statue and at last ayya appove and he came over my house and do all the pooja on sat and nw i keep medium size of statue in my sami medai and my sami medai is infront of my house…thts y i need to knw more about him and learn to talk wit him..can u help me..thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi neemal.Keeping a statue is different from keeping a picture of him. There are procedures needed to be done to bring life to the statue and things are needed to be done to maintain the energy in the statue. You are supposed to treat him like a real person and have to ask his permission when you are doing anything to his statue like bathing him or tying veshti etc.

      Having a statue of him means you have to give him his offerings at least once a week, and meditate on him using rudraksha beads daily. Weekly offerings of either ponga soru, puli soru etc and paal (milk) for vegetarian style (friday evenings around 7pm) or 3 eggs and 3 karuvaadu and 1 can of black beer (guiness) for non vegetarian style (friday midnights). Whether vegetarian or non vegetarian , you still have to offer him suruthu ( cigars ) with vetthalai paaku on each friday without fail.

      for getting into connection with him, daily meditation and japam is a must. Meditation is focusing your full eyes and focus and concentration on his statue while chanting his name for 108 times, roughly 5 to 10 minutes.

      Having a photo of a grandparent or loved one who doesnt live with you is different from having them living with you. A photographg of a loved one is useful for helping us remember them and think of them. No other work is needed. But having a statue is like having the loved one live in your house, you need to do all the daily needs ( daily water and josstick and japam ) , talking to them about what happens in your life daily and also providing them with food etc.

  • Sadasiva Kumar says:

    Dear Admin,
    I would like to be in regular correspondence with you with regards to
    worship of Karuppar, Could you please mail me your email id?
    I await your early reply.
    (I am from Chennai, India).
    T.Sadasiva Kumar

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