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Sangili Karuppar Statue and Thanks To All!

Hi readers. Thanks for all your support and comments over all these months. Due to work and other personal issues, i have been unable to contribute as many articles as i used to write. Thankfully, i and my team have just moved to our new personal office these 2 months and having settled, i will hope Click Here To Read more [...]

Fierce Sangili Karuppan Picture Released!

warrior (more…)

Beautiful Sangili Karuppar Drawing!

  This is one of our first illustration of sangili karuppan drawn specifically by our team to show how he looks like. You have to click on the image to see the entire drawing. Do comment below if you like this picture using the facebook comment tool (so your facebook friends can also Click Here To Read more [...]

The Mystery Of Muneeswaran – Who Is He ?

No Karuppar discussion is complete without mentioning his illustrious counterpart , The Great Muneeswaran.These two great guardian gods are as similar as they are different and if you dig deep into their character and history , it will be easy to find out why. Karuppargal are an araka/asura amsam Click Here To Read more [...]

Who Is Sangili Rayan? – A Note on Hindu Scriptures

 A reader of our site recently contacted me asking about more information about Sangili Rayan and whether he was the same or similar to Sangili Karuppar. There are many warrior gods and deities in hinduism and sometimes people confuse  many of them together. For example in the Vedas , the god Click Here To Read more [...]

Karuppasamy In Movies (Part 1)

Greetings fellow ayya bhaktans and seekers of the truth. Our last article on arul vaaku was very well received by many of you out there. We received many comments and hundreds of emails from devotees from Singapore, Malaysia ,India , France and even South Africa expressing their gratitude and Click Here To Read more [...]

The Secret History Of Trance – Arul Vaaku (Part 1)

  Before we go into today's topic, I would like to thank all our readers for their continued support. Please keep your comments on our articles coming and subscribe to our page (it's free) at the end of the article so we can send you details when our new articles are up. Special thanks Click Here To Read more [...]

The Chinese Sangili Karuppar? – Di Ah Pek

  If you dig deep enough ,you will find similarities in many different religions. This will always lead you back to the one truth that everything is connected and the one and the same. For example there are many similarities between the Greek God Zeus and the Hindu Vedic God Indra.  In Click Here To Read more [...]

Sangili Karuppan – The Mystery God ?

  The popularity of Karuppanasamy worship has exploded in recent years with many tamil movies like Kannaathaal , Kaalai and Karuppusamy Kuthagaithaarar bringing the infamous protector of tamil villages into the forefront of the modern hindu. Even major hindu websites like Astroved and Click Here To Read more [...]

Is offering non-vegetarian food evil? ( part 2 )

  This is part two on my writing on whether offering non- vegetarian food to guardian deities is evil. To read part one of this article you can go click on this link . In part one of this article i showed you how non-vegetarian offering has been an ancient practice that predates the arrival Click Here To Read more [...]